Fretboard Summit 2023 poster

Fretboard Summit


Fretboard Summit is an annual shindig for guitar enthusiasts that takes place in Chicago. It ain't your average backyard jam session, though—this is a high-end gig presented by the prestigious Fretboard Journal and Old Town School of Folk Music, where guitar aficionados, builders, luthiers, and players come together to celebrate their shared love for six strings.

In its sophomore year, the event needed a brand identity as unique and memorable as an Eddie Van Halen solo. It needed to stand out from the crowd and avoid being another 'Stairway to Heaven' in a sea of guitar events. And it needed to turn up the volume on excitement and engagement to drive ticket sales.

I designed a logo lockup, graphics, a color palette based on guitar paints, and language that screamed "Fretboard Summit is a THE place to be if you love guitars" louder than a dimed Fender Twin. I also illustrated and designed a bunch of merch, including a limited-edition screen-printed poster.

The event sold out faster than Tommy Emmanuel shreds on the guitar.