Animated Can Can Xmasland Neon Logo

Can Can Wonderland holiday campaign


Can Can Wonderland, a spectacular entertainment funhouse featuring indoor mini golf, vintage pinball, and arcade games, wanted to do something extra-special for the holidays. I teamed up with local copywriter and creative powerhouse Tim Palm to create a sensory overload campaign that included a neon holiday-themed version of their logo, an animated billboard, a slew of digital ads, and an ugly xmas sweater website skin.

Holiday-themed Logo

Normal logo on the left, holidazzled logo on the right


Working with their Wordpress developer, we gave their website an ugly sweater skin for the holidays.

It was even more gaudy with animation

Animated billboard

This puppy was displayed in downtown Minneapolis for several weeks. We also did a static version that was featured on digital billboards throughout the city.

Digital Ads

Sadly, this ad concept didn't make it past Facebooks naughty and nice filter.


We came this 🤏 close to getting a limited edition ugly xmas sweater made but cost became a factor.